5 Best Things to do in Tasmania

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Freycinet National Park

National Park Freycinet is situated 125 km from Hobart on the same Peninsula, named after Louis de Freycinet, on the East coast of Tasmania. On the  national Park border is a small village of Coles Bay, and a nearby town – Swansea. It was opened in 1916 and It is the oldest Park in Tasmania nowadays.

The Park consists of the coastline and closed the Bay Weinglass, whose beaches have been repeatedly included in the world’s best. Famous objects of the Park are the rock formations of pink and red granite, and stretching in a series of jagged peaks, dubbed “Danger.”

Among the Park citizens you will find various types of possums, flying squirrels, echidna, wombats, pygmy possums, Big rat, kangaroo rat and long-nosed potoroo. Once common in the area were the Tasmanian devil, but today populations of these marsupial has dramatically declined because of the little-known virus that kills animals. It is a true paradise for fans of bird watching: the lucky ones manage to see sea eagle, soaring high, or a big Australian cormorant diving in the ocean waters searching for food.


Port Arthur

The famous town of Port Arthur is in 60 km from Hobart with 500 people population. The first village here appeared in 1830, and was built as a prison after 3 years. From 1833 to 1853 it was here exiled for the most dangerous Britain Criminals , mostly repeat offenders. It also often got juvenile offenders, some of them were  9 years old – their crime was often the theft of toys. This prison was closed in 1877.


Ben Lomond National  Park

The  Ben Lomond National park  is a big  area on top of cliffs, which rises above the plains North-East of Tasmania. The Park was named like the Ben Lomond Mountain in Scotland. It has an 16.5 thousand hectares area with is the 2 highest peak of the island – Legges tor.

Today “Ben Lomond” is a ski resort of Tasmania with modern facilities. Scenic views, few visitors and interesting wild world of the Park  is an advantage. Here are Grand cliffs which have rock-climbers of Tasmania. The plateau is fully covered with a carpet of wild flowers each summer.


Country Club Resort


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Prospect Vale, Tasmania

The Country Club Resort in Tasmania has close to twenty table games and about five hundred machines. In addition to that, casino has offerings like keno and stud poker.
Cradle Mountain – Lake St.Clair National Park
National Park Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair located in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. There are many Hiking trails, and from here starts the route of the Overland Track. The best amusement of the Park are the mountain Cradle mountain and rock barn bluff to the North, mount Pelion East.

The Park is extraordinarily rich in species-endemic – 40-55% of the Alpine flora of the Park cannot be  found anywhere. Among the animal Park – Wallaby, spotted marten, Tasmanian devils, echidna, wombats, possums and other Australian species.

The first European to visitor of the park Park was Gustav Weindorfer. He bought here a plot of land and in 1912 built a small guest chalet, which was called Waldheim and it means “forest house”. Unfortunately, the Chalet had not survived – it was destroyed.

In 1935, the Park paved a 6-day route Overland Trek, which began to conduct tours and who brought the Park extremely popular for its breathtaking views. Rugged contours of the mountain Cradle Mountain, rainforests and Alpine meadows, scenic beaches and pristine nature are the main wealth of the Park.

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