How to Beat the Odds and Overcome Pokies Addiction

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Poker machines have become one of the most favorite entertainments of Australians. But do all people consider it just a kind of entertainment or a serious addiction? Or slots are pure Cash splash, like the name of a popular online pokies game? A new documentary film Ka-Ching: Pokie Nation reveals the truth.

Ka-Ching is a powerful attempt to show the truth behind the poker machines in Australia’s pubs and clubs. The documentary demonstrates how the machines are designed to get people hooked. The poker machines are dangerous, they are everywhere in the clubs and pubs and this addiction can happen to everyone.
The film has become widely discussed in social media, especially in tweeter with #Kaching hashtag.

In Ka-Ching the neuroscientist show that poker machines are designed to fire dopamine release in the brain in exactly the same way as drugs like heroin, cocaine and nicotine do. And everybody can get into this trap.

Carolyn Hirsh, 78, a psychologist and retired politician, was one of the victims of pokies. She understood the process of dopamine release but could do nothing with it. She felt hypnotized. But the process of playing made her feel fantastic. Hopefully, her addiction ended as it began, after contacting Gambler’s Help. And now, reflecting on the whole period, she recognizes that she was off her rocker.

Though regulated by the government, poker machines are inescapable in Australia’s clubs and pubs. The problem exists and there should be found the ways out. You’ll always lose your money if you go to the clubs and pubs to play pokies.

One of the solutions to overcome the addiction is to play pokies online. You can find it for free and have really fun time. Online casinos offer plenty of different slots with awesome spins and bonuses. You just enjoy your time as you wish.

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