Rockband Wii

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Rockband Wii – Have You Tried This Video Game Yet? Guitar Hero Wii has given countless non-rockers the chance to feel like a rock star over and over again. This game and other music-game playing gadgetry have become so overwhelmingly popular of late. If you have not played before, you may be wondering why they are so popular. If you are one of the lucky ones who has played before, then you already understand why. Guitar Hero Wii and its long-time competitor, Rockband Wii, allow us to pick a guitar and pretend that we are rocking out like Slash fro Guns N Roses. We get to play hard, rock out with friends, and enjoy the adulation of a simulated audience, all without the years of study, practice and devotion of real rock stars. These games have grown increasingly popular while all the guitar-game franchises compete to beat the rest and have the most awesome game. With the multitude of bonus features, today you can play not just the guitar, but percussion as well, in addition to being the lead singer, creating your own rock star persona, modifying instruments, downloading extra tunes, and even recording your own songs. Reviews are mixed about which franchise is the most awesome, but it seems that Guitar Hero Wii has the edge. Most people seem to prefer the bigger list of songs that are shipped with Guitar Hero. The Guitar Hero playlist has over 80 song titles from stars like Billy Idol, Coldplay, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, and Van Halen. Guitar Hero has guitars and drums that are more realistic. While they may not look the best, they are heavier and therefore feel more like a real guitar than what is offered by Rockband. Reportedly the accessories the come with Guitar Hero are much sturdier and do not break as easily. Overall, it seems that better reviews have been given to the games in the Guitar Hero franchise, like Guitar Hero Wii and Guitar Hero Xbox 360. That is because it possesses the features to make the everyday guy feel like he is truly a rock and roll star. It is great for any group of friends to gather around the big screen and have fun rocking out together.

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